Monday, 15 February 2016

Cancer Awareness Conference On 29 Feb 2016 @ Hyderabad, Ravindra Bharati auditorium


HPCC- Hyderabad Pharmaceutical congress committee is the apex body representing Indian Pharmacists working in various capacities, viz, Pharmaceutical Industry, Research & Development, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Academics, Drugs Control Departments, Hospitals, Community & Clinical Pharmacy, Marketing etc. it is also a student body cum Pharmacy committee enthusiastic to upgrade the pharmacy profession to a whole new level specific to Hyderabad city. With the new innovations in the pharmacy field on a daily basis, it becomes a necessity to have a thorough update of these aspects. Therefore HPCC provides a platform for the pharmacy professionals to make themselves well aware regarding these new innovations in the pharmacy field as it will be held in Hyderabad city on a yearly basis. This in turn provides better patient care and well being of the society. Pharmacists play leadership roles in Community Pharmacy, Hospital Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Industry, Regulatory Control and Drug Management, Academic Training of other health workers and research. In all these fields, their aim is to ensure optimum drug therapy, both by contributing to the preparation, supply and control of medicines and associated products, and by providing information and advice to those who prescribe or use pharmaceutical products. The Pharmacist in India is no longer a mere dispenser of medicines, but has assumed a more crucial role in healthcare through effective management of th medicines and leadership in health care delivery of the country.

The Hyderabad Pharmaceutical Congress Committee with Telangana Pharmaceutical Committee (TPC) is very pleased  and privileged  to invite you to the Cancer Awareness Conference being held on 29 February, 2016  at the Ravindra Bharati auditorium  in association with Cancer Helpline India from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Conference includes :
  • General awareness on the causes types, and symptoms of cancer.
  • Workshop on cancer detection and prevention.
  • 20 min workshop for women focusing on breast and cervical cancer detection.
  • Questioning and answering session by cancer specialist.
  • Seminars by oncologists.

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